CEDESA, company certified as a Young Innovative Company by AENOR

During the month of April, without ceasing in our efforts to leave well imprinted in the character of CEDESA the innovative spirit, we began the process to obtain the most significant certification in this field in this country: the Certification of Young Innovative Company of AENOR.

Among the many options offered by this prestigious certification body, encompassed within the field of solutions for the identification and management of R+D+i, we immediately understood that the Young Innovative Company was a perfect fit for us. Firstly because, as AENORrecalls on its website: «Spain is a benchmark in standardisation in innovation. The family of Spanish R&D&I standards served as an example in Europe and is being considered in international work».

This is a way of highlighting the value of the research work carried out by CEDESA in the many projects in which it is involved. In addition, the certifier fully agrees with the statement that «Research, technological development and innovation in a country are critical factors in determining its economic growth, the level of welfare and its competitiveness. They are also of great importance for the survival of organizations as they help to place them in an adequate position to face the new challenges that arise in a globalized market».

In this way, we started the procedures of this demanding process of obtaining the certification, which would also offer us automatic access to the public Register of Innovative SMEs (dependent on the General Directorate of Innovation and Competitiveness, of the Ministry of Economy and Business). Being a certification based on the AENOR technical specification EA 0043, we had to define our innovation strategy, and identify the main actions we carry out in terms of R+D+i, and it was at this point where we had no doubt that we more than met the required standards, leading CEDESA numerous research projects in agricultural and livestock software.

Thus, after a long but satisfactory process, on 02/10/2020, CEDESA has been duly certified as a Young Innovative Company by AENOR. A distinction that only encourages us to continue working with the same enthusiasm and effort as we have done so far.

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