Nowadays, any company that does not have an online presence is on the verge of extinction. Service companies need a page from which to make themselves known. For their part, product stores can opt for a platform from which to sell. In this way they will be able to market their products to a larger number of people. But what is the price of an online store? Today we will try to solve this question quickly and easily.


How much money does it take to open an online store?

We could venture to give you a price of an online store in numerical terms, but it would not be accurate. Each online store has a different price, because each one is different. There are many variables that influence the price of an online store. For example, a small shop will not pay the same as a large one. The price will also be influenced by the additional services of this shop, for example if you hire a marketing or web design agency.  

As you can see, it is difficult to determine the exact price of this type of websites, but let’s try to materialize it with an example.

Price of an online store in Prestashop

Prestashop is a content management platform (CMS) used for the creation of web pages, especially ecommerce type pages.

From this type of platform you can not only create the website, but also manage customers, billing, logistics and so on.

Variables that influence the price of an online store in Prestashop

Domain and Hosting

The domain represents the name of your website and will be the way to access your website ( On the other hand, hosting is the space where the contents of your website will be hosted.

Both the domain and the hosting are paid separately and the price usually varies according to each case. The price of the domain usually varies between 10 and 30 euros per year. Although depending on the words chosen, and the ending, the price can be increased or decreased. In the case of hosting the price varies according to the space needed by the store. The more space, the higher the price.

Virtual POS

POS stands for «point of sale terminal» and is a necessary step for customers to be able to pay by card on the platform. Each bank sets the price of the POS and they are usually around 0-20€.

Web design

Although Prestashop is a free CMS you have to configure and work it to give life to our online store.

Within the platform itself we can find different templates to use. Many of them can be bought for 100 or 300 euros. Although you should also consider hiring web design professionals. This way you will be giving a distinctive touch to your website and you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Additional Modules

Prestashop has additional modules to enhance the features of your store. There are over 3000 module options to choose from. The cost of each module is different, but they usually range from 0-300€.

Additional variables

Aside from the creation of the store itself, there are other variables and expenses you may incur. Some of them can be an initial feasibility study, to know if the store will be profitable or not, SEM and SEO services to improve the positioning of your website in Google, or marketing and graphic design services, to improve the reach and visibility of your brand.

E-Commerce: Custom Software

At Cedesa we seek to make life easier for our customers and that is why we have created this «e-commerce»service.

We will be the ones in charge of introducing your store on the net in a safe way and with the capacity to compete in all markets. We will be with you throughout the whole process and we will advise you on all the steps you need to take.



We cannot give you an exact price as each project is unique and has a different price. If you want to know the budget please contact us and we will study your case to give you the best price.

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