CEDESA DIGITAL, SL adapting to the needs and demands of an increasingly competitive and changing market, has a Quality Management System and R+D+i, described in the Manual and developed in its Procedures, in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001 (version in force) and UNE 166002: (version in force).

Management expressly declares its fundamental commitment to comply with the requirements of all interested parties, others contracted on a voluntary basis, those associated with the service and the legal and regulatory requirements of the activities we carry out.

Design and development of software projects, ICT consulting and advising. Computer expertise (ISO 9001:current version)

Development and innovation in software, hardware and communications projects. (UNE 166.002:current version).

and continuously improve the Integrated Management System, bringing into play all the necessary human and material resources in order to achieve compliance with the following Policy:

  • Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers, and ultimately of all interested parties.
  • The company is fully committed to complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, customer requirements and those associated with our products (quality, legality, R&D&I, etc.).
  • The Management will promote all the measures deemed appropriate to achieve this objective, focusing not only on the Customer but also on the satisfaction of the employees, who are ultimately those who make it possible to achieve the goals we have set ourselves.
  • All workers must be made aware of their responsibilities in terms of quality, making them participants in the culture of the company with respect to this.
  • Customer complaints and dissatisfaction will be dealt with on an individual basis in order to give them the quickest and most appropriate response possible.
  • Continuous improvement requires the collaboration and participation of all levels and for this information and communication are indispensable. Within this area, we consider it essential to establish training programs that contribute to enrich the qualification of all levels and members of CEDESA.
  • To increase and consolidate research, technological development and innovation in the company.
  • Analyze and assess innovation projects and opportunities and manage projects in an environment of continuous improvement.
  • R&D&I will be a differentiating activity for CEDESA, bringing prestige and recognition to the entire organization.
  • To promote a policy of protection and exploitation of the results obtained as a consequence of the R&D&I activities carried out by the company.
  • Channel proximity to the market and knowledge of the sector throughout the organization, as a source of information for R&D&I to generate innovative products that open up new markets and new lines of business for the company.

“Quality is made by people and not by companies”, only we can, with our effort and good work, achieve satisfaction in our company policy.

The Management ensures that its Policy is understood and accepted by all personnel and is available to all interested parties; and with the performance of internal audits verifies that the Management System maintains its efficiency and adequacy.

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