To put it in a general way, quality assurance consists of . 
set of actions that companies carry out with the aim of delivering to consumers goods and services of the best quality.
 This will give confidence and security to the companies, since the products or services they offer will have the appropriate conditions and the expected quality. In other words, is a quality management system where is controlled that the minimum quality requirements expected are met. 

All this must be previously planned and systematic. Then, certain rules to be followed will be implemented so that this   quality control is done in the right way. 

What is the purpose of quality assurance? 

Quality assurance will help companies to continuously improve and achieve certain benefits: 

  1. Avoid waste and reduce costs

Companies will improve their 
This quality assurance will make them more focused on achieving their objectives. On the other hand, this will help to ensure that
 no waste 
(or at least reduce them), as this system will help to detect certain activities that have a higher cost and do not contribute any value (thus being more efficient). 

  1. Improve quality and customer satisfaction 

In addition, thanks to the improvements that quality assurance guarantees,
 customers will be satisfied with the quality of the products or services. 
This will give consumers confidence and they will end up being loyal to the company:
 will increase the frequency of purchase.

will recommend the products and services
 to family or friends… generating thus higher income. 

Components of the quality assurance system 

  1. Administration Manual

The manual where the projects of a company are managed will have
 relevant data
 that will be considered in the development of quality management. 

  1. Quality control measures

These measures will help to 
to know the quality levels of the product or service
 in each activity, following different criteria: performance according to deadlines, compliance with agreed budgets, etc. 

  1. Performance reporting

These reports 
should be made on a regular basis 
during the project. In this way, you will be able to see how the different activities are performing. By making these reports continuously,
 will avoid unnecessary costs
. In addition, this will help to assess whether the set times are being met. 

Development and implementation of quality assurance 

What should we consider if we want to develop and implement the quality assurance system? 

  1. Convincing leaders

Company managers must be convinced that implementing a quality assurance system will give them sufficient benefits. Thus, 
will make a positive contribution 
to this. 

  1. Choose the system and inform everyone members 

When a specific quality assurance model is chosen,
 all employees of the company should be informed about the
. This will make all members
 become involved and feel committed
 in achieving the expected goals. 

  1. Choose a person responsible for implementation

It is very important to choose someone to be responsible for the project development and implementation process. Once this has been done, the elected person will appoint a quality committee. This committee will be formed by people in charge of carrying out different tasks within the project: coordinating, reviewing and approving the quality manual (according to the quality concept), making periodical reviews until the end, etc. 


In conclusion, we can say that 
a quality assurance system will bring great benefits to companies: 
cost reduction, delivery of products with the expected quality and satisfied customers who will recommend the product or service to others (generating more consumption and, consequently, higher income). Never forget that 
quality assurance has to be reviewed and updated periodically.
 as it should always be trying to improve. 

In CEDESA DIGITAL, SL we adapt to the needs and demands of an increasingly competitive and changing market. For this reason, has of a 
Quality Management System
 in accordance with the requirements of the 
UNE-EN ISO 9001 Standard.




Finally, we recommend 100% that all companies have an ERP software. 
software ERP
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