CEDESA’s footprint is still present in every milestone. In every step forward that the national livestock sector takes thanks to the implementation of new technologies. Therefore, we could not miss the meeting convened by AECERIBER in Salamanca, on September 12 , to which our CEO, Suso Merino, attended once again as a speaker and involved in the project.

The reason for the event was to be a success from the beginning: The presentation of the100% Iberian Autochthonous Breed Logo, a certification seal that aims to become one of the best guarantees of quality for the meat 100% from the Iberian pig in Spain. The aim of this rubric is to show consumers, in a visual and reliable way, that the meat they are buying meets exceptional requirements that distinguish Iberian products from those that are not.

The presentation was attended by numerous Spanish companies, both livestock and industrial, representing a very high percentage of the companies producing Iberian meat at national level . The event has caused a great expectation, and the presentation was carried out separately facing three fundamental factors: the regulatory, livestock and technological, the latter being one of the most important, and that directly involves CEDESA as the main developer of traceability software in the Iberian Peninsula.

For the first issue, he began his presentation Dña. Leonor Algarra Solís, Deputy Director General of Livestock Production Means. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and FoodThe Logo 100% Iberian Autochthonous Breed, where he explained the requirements that a company must fulfil to obtain the Logo, from a regulatory point of view, and how to obtain the subsequent authorisation from the public administrations.

He then spoke Dña. Elena Diéguez GarbayoTechnical Secretary of AECERIBER , with her presentation
The Logo for the Iberian Pig,
in which he developed the concept of the seal itself and the implications at the level of meat and animal husbandry. He strongly emphasized the need for proper traceability and special care in production systems.

It was closing the event when he made his presentation Suso Merino, on behalf of CEDESA, under the title The Traceability of the Iberian Pig Logo, in which he developed in detail, from a technical point of view and at a software level, how to ensure the correct traceability that guarantees the obtaining of the Logo, and the total guarantee of working in the correct way.

CEDESA’s involvement in this project is absolute, to the point that we have been entrusted with the creation of the web space http://autenticoiberico.com/, the place from which the different producers/industrialists who are interested in applying for the seal will have to start.

Thus, more and more rooted in the national livestock sector, we ended the event with the certainty that the
100% Iberian Autochthonous Breed Logo
will soon be an indispensable seal in any establishment wishing to offer authentic quality meat.

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