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Sheep Software


One of Cedesa’s major milestones, and perhaps its most ambitious and satisfying undertaking to date, has been our takeover of the Australia Project. By not giving up where others thought it was impossible to modernize the sector, we have managed to overcome the problems involved in the computerized management of the sheep herd book.

With this route, we have managed to overcome the complications of lack of connection in large areas of land incommunicado, all through a system of temporary storage and subsequent synchronization to reconnect to the telecommunications network. This opened up the possibility of using portable devices that work temporarily offline, and with them complete automation.


Also, in this way, the option of reducing the data to which the field operator has access was achieved, so that he only has to handle the figures strictly necessary at any given moment in his work. With our studbook control software, the management time is considerably reduced and the highest possible levels of reliability are achieved.

Its application, especially in Latin American countries where connections are somewhat more limited, is being so well received that we are currently adapting the programs for several national cooperatives. We are convinced that The Australia Project will mark a before and after in the livestock industry.

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