Project Description

Greenhouse Software


A large company of agricultural production under greenhouses approached us with one of the projects that has required us more precision to date.

The challenge was to develop a millimetric system capable of managing plantations with millions of production units, where the slightest deviation could generate significant financial losses.

The system had to allow an exact control of all the actions that were carried out on each of the plants in the greenhouse, accounting for treatments, products used and seed inventory. All this, without interfering significantly in the work of the operators.

To carry it out, we created a software with a powerful data management, which were received in real time by the greenhouse workers. These were equipped with modern portable systems resistant to water, falls and dust that connect with the application in its different modules, all of them very fast and intuitive.


The result is a system capable of receiving data in real time from numerous devices, and that processes them statistically, ensuring that the company does not waste a single cent of euro for problems of lack of information.

Known in the sector satisfaction, both operators and greenhouse manager, currently has contacted us one of the most important companies in Spain of vegetable production.

We are convinced that the implementation of our greenhouse management system will bring a radical change in the management of companies in the sector.

From 5.900€ (taxes not included)

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