Project Description



It was very gratifying when we were commissioned with the project to develop an application that could save many lives for a large security company based in Mexico.

Man-Down consists of a software that, by taking full advantage of the sensors installed in portable devices (watches, mobile phones, heart rate monitors, …), is able to detect by applying its own algorithm, when a body is shot or falls to the ground at high speed, generating an alarm in a control center that is accompanied by the geolocation coordinates of the person on which it has detected a situation of alert or danger. It is an accurate software, which has proven its effectiveness in a percentage of accuracy of almost 100% thanks to a first phase of human intervention for the classification of hits or false alarms.

The applications of this program are infinite, from its use with soldiers in combat, to the simple control of elderly people in nursing homes.

We are optimistic. We believe in the idea that it will become a common software in people’s lives thanks to the lower costs of the devices and the growing use of computers. wearablesWe will always be proud that CEDESA has been entrusted with such a responsible task.

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