Six out of ten ecommerce or online stores have security problems in Spain.

The studies on which the information is based point out that these faThe loss of business opportunities is up to 70%, as the decrease in turnover due to this reason reaches up to 1,750 million euros.

Zeedsecurity is the company that has conducted a thorough study, the results of which estimate that security problems in online stores, in 10% of cases, affect their web traffic.

Companies that suffer from these problems, will lose the trust of many customers, and therefore, a bad image, and also a large sum of money. To avoid this, they recommend that audits be carried out to prevent and to carry out the relevant measures.

Given that Christmas is the period of the year of greatest consumption par excellence, this year is expected to become one of the leading dates for online commerce, which will break records. In fact, it is estimated that the sector will reach a turnover of more than 3,500 million euros, which represents an increase of between 20% and 25% compared to last year’s Christmas campaign.

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