Indra works and leads a new cybersecurity training simulator with UC3M and UMA.

«The system is part of SACO, itself an INNPACTO project, and addresses four areas: cyberattack, cybersecurity, cyberdefense and computer forensics

This security system helps to learn computer forensics, learn new cyber defense techniques and prevent cyber attacks.

The possible students are multiple, as it includes from professionals in the field who want to expand their knowledge, to military and civilian security forces specialized in it.

As a good simulator, you work in a network, indicating a description of the mission and the materials you have to solve it. In an intelligent way, the program observes if there is doubt, and in that case helps the user, in addition, it registers EVERYTHING that is done, so that the user is aware of his progress.

Indra is already starting to commercialize it, and they have even thought about some of the extensions that will be included in the next editions.


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