Last week was held in Madrid the largest Fair of the Meat Sector in Spain, the
organized by IFEMA and ANICE (National Association of Meat Industry in Spain). An unparalleled opportunity to bring together professionals from the country and future international investors in the same event.

At CEDESA, as specialists in software solutions for livestock farms, we did not want to miss it, so we had the opportunity to expose our own stand, always under the shelter that has offered us the AVANTE GROUP, and surrounded at all times by the best companies in the sector throughout Extremadura.

With a total of 373 exhibitors from 16 countries, major companies from both meat products and processing and preservation machinery were present. Numerous forums, meetings and exhibitions took place, and CEDESA attended each and every one of them, always with our expeditious eagerness and willing to know any requirement, novelty or need of the sector that we could incorporate to our specialized software.

It was especially gratifying for us the visit of the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Mr. Luis Planas Puchades, a nice and simple man, who praised and encouraged our work to modernize and optimize the world of agriculture and livestock breeding.

The presence of our stand at the fair was a point of modernization and updating of the sector. In our space, a touch screen was set up where all those interested could interact with a demo of our software, attracting the attention of many companies that either worked with obsolete technology, or simply had good references of our SINCA 4.0software.

We also had the opportunity to establish contacts with specialized companies in the meat sector, which were quite interested in the technology that we are implementing in this area of the meat industry, and they proposed several interesting challenges that we will address shortly.

The press was also interested in our stand, as we are the only company in Extremadura really specialized in the sector, and our guys were interviewed by Canal Extremadura Television. As an amusing counterpoint to the work carried out at the fair by our team during those days, the journalist Thais Villas was encouraged to stop with us and interview our colleague Marina, for the program of La Sexta, El Intermedio.

The sensations have been unbeatable, as it has become clear that the meat industry is going through an unprecedented moment of change. The fusion between traditional techniques and new software technologies. And it is clear to us that CEDESA not only wants to be there during the process, but is willing to lead the technological revolution.

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