The Iberian pork sector is in luck!

The solution to the fraud of the 100% Iberian pig. Cedesa Digital and IBERCHAIN Operating Group

Thanks to the joint work of a group of companies and technological institutions, called Grupo Operativo IBERCHAIN, it is now possible to identify 100% Iberian pigs without any margin of error. In this way, a solution was found to a problem that affected the consumer and the producer in equal measure: fraud. Only 13% of the total Iberian pork produced in Spain corresponds to 100% Iberian pigs. The rest are pigs crossed with another non-Iberian breed, although they are called Iberian.

High-precision verification checks

The verification controls are made in the slaughter line from an intelligent measurement system that integrates two technologies: the microelectronic bioimpedance allows to obtain by means of a non-destructive function a pattern of the electrical properties of the meat tissue and NIRS technology works through a beam of light that is scattered by the meat piece and is picked up again by the device. The difference between the emitted and reflected image generates a unique spectrum that makes it possible to distinguish the purity of the sample.

Blockchain as an anti-fraud technology

Once this double check has been carried out, it is the turn of the blockchain technology implemented by Cedesa Digital. The data collected in the production chain is recorded and validated to create an anti-fraud database of maximum security and total independence. This guarantees the traceability of the meat, an essential requirement for incorporating a new quality brand, 100% native breed Iberian.

This process will serve to strengthen the reliability of production chains and restore consumer confidence. It will also consolidate the prestige of Iberian ham in Spain and the world. This is a giant step for the sector that opens the door to any producer and other food sectors. 

The best of our land

It is time to value the best of our land: the work, the passion, the product and the technology. 

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