CEDESA obtains ISO 9001 certification

Growing is part of the essence of CEDESA. It is not only the size that determines the greatness of a company, but the ability to be able to submit to the existing quality certifications without hesitation. That is why, during the year 2020, we have dedicated great efforts to obtain the ISO 9001 Certification.We consider it a necessary standard to guarantee the quality of the service we offer to our clients.

We are aware that software development has no borders, and today there is no doubt that the ISO 9001 standard has become the most widely used certification model in relations between national and international clients and suppliers. It is the best way for CEDESA to demonstrate its ability to customers who are not yet familiar with the company, as well as to show regular customers that we always strive to do things to the highest standards. This seal, which until the late nineties was limited to large industrial companies, in its latest revisions has demonstrated its effectiveness in other sectors, enhancing its focus on efficient management, analysis of the context in which companies carry out their activities and consideration of the associated risks.

With quite demanding requirements to obtain it, as any serious quality certification requires, it seemed to us from the beginning a challenge to overcome and a perfect picture of our modus operandis. For this reason, throughout this year we have studied, improved and have been audited down to the last keystroke of the last computer in the company, to demonstrate that CEDESA is more than up to what our customers and international standards require.

Thus, once all the necessary tests have been passed, we can proudly show off the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, which is not only a good business card for CEDESA in any possible scenario, but also a commitment on our part to continue working with quality, respect for the environment, health and safety of our employees, and maximum responsibility.

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