Technology in the food industry plays a crucial role in streamlining and optimizing processes streamlining and optimizing processes. The internet of things is coming to the food industry to digitise and improve business efficiency. Any company in this sector that does not jump on the bandwagon in this trend will remain stagnant. Hence the importance of investing in food technology. But… What kind of technology can I integrate? How can this technology benefit my business? Do you want to know them? Read more. 

Which technology to integrate in companies in the food industry?

Advances in technology have reached many areas within this industry. We can find technology such as microencapsulation or nanoencapsulation.which allow the design of novel and functional ingredients. Technology that adapts food to new forms of consumption, or machinery that adapts food to new forms of improve extraction processes

There are many types of technology that can help this industry adapt to any situation. But today we are going to focus on the applications that help to improve the internal processes and resources of the company.

Systems Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP systems
, are resource planning programs that help to integrate and automate part of the business management. Some of these systems can be found adapted to the processes of the food industry. The use of this type of technology by these companies will give rise to improvements in the company’s efficiency

Benefits of using ERP technology in food industry companies

  • Productivity improvement. The use of this technology helps companies in this sector to program and plan processes. Not to mention that they will be able to have real-time information with which to make better decisions. These advances will allow a productive improvement and greater efficiency in each of the processes within the company.
  • Greater control. Using an ERP in the food industry guarantees the necessary quality and sanitation measures. With this type of application it is easy to comply with current regulations. In addition to
    to ensure that pests and other problems
    or other problems affecting production.
  • Cost reduction. With this type of technological systems you will have a global vision of the whole process in the company and the costs incurred. With this information you will see in which areas you are overspending and reduce costs. In addition, with some of these applications you will be able to keep a digital and automatic accounting.
  • Greater transparency in the supply chain. The entire supply chain can be digitized to control the different links. It will be possible to keep track of the product from the time it leaves the factory until it reaches the end consumer.
  • Warehouse improvements. With warehouse management applications, inventory can be optimized to match supply and demand. By having information and history you can make better decisions regarding the supply of the warehouse.
Food ERP


Food ERP Software 

From Cedesa we offer you this
ERP for companies in the food sector
with which you will be able to enjoy the benefits mentioned above. Our solution for ERP for Food is based on three fundamental principles guaranteeing traceability, intensive use of data to have more knowledge and make better decisions, and compliance with compliance with current regulations.

With our software you will be able to reduce human error to a minimum, while saving costs and saving costs and improve your presence in the industry. At Cedesa, we know that every company is different, so we can adjust the software to your needs

Contact us to find out more about the importance of technology in the food industry and how we can help you.

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