In any company, one of the most important aspects is to optimize the 
optimizing the production processes
in order to achieve the highest productivity in the shortest time possible. and reduce the necessary resources. 

The frst of all that we must know is the definition of the 
production processes

 or production processes
. This term refers to the activities that are responsible for transforming inputs or resources into the products or services that reach the consumer. One of the objectives of the company is to reduce the duration of this process as much as possible. 


Planning is a key aspect for the proper functioning of a company. To be able to have an optimized production process, previously, it should have been carried out a 
Business Plan or a Feasibility Plan
 in which all the factors related to the production process are analysed. 

There is no single model of Business Plan that we should follow, but in general, the aspects that we should follow are 
 in which special attention should be paid are: 

  • Set the product or service you want to introduce in the market. 
  • Make a market analysis and define the target audience, the existing demand for the product or service and the competition to be faced. 
  • Define the 
    lines of the production process
    How is it going to be produced, what are the costs involved, what are the production times, what resources are necessary? 

  • Human resources
    : to fix the necessary human resources during the whole process. 

  • Economic-financial plan
    Establish the way in which the financing will be acquired, as well as the profits and the terms for obtaining them.  

Once everything is well planned, you can try to improve productivity. 

Mmprove of productivity 

Some of the strategies aimed at improving productivity are as follows: 


Those secondary tasks, which are not related to the main activity of the company, can be delegated to a third party. 
delegated to a third party
. In this way, better results will be achieved and employees will be able to focus on the company’s objective. 

Optimize the production process 

By optimizing production processes, the aim is to achieve the following 
to optimize the efficiency

Today we find ourselves in a world in which digitalization plays an important roleand therefore can be of great help in maximizing efficiency. 

To do this, one option is to use 

manufacturing tools
. These tools are management softwares that try to reduce costs and times and to minimize waste. 

Optimize administrative management 

In addition to optimizing production processes, it is essential for productivity improvement that administrative management is 
administrative management 
management is also optimized. 

To do this, we will have to try to optimize aspects such as accounting, collections and payments, invoicing, the relationship with suppliers or budgets. 



Related to the two previous points is automation. The automation is the key rule for productivity improvement. With the 

Industry 4.0

 this automation can be applied to all areas of the company. Consists in the digitalisation of all equipment. In this way, the physical equipment is monitored through the networks and, being connected, all the technological advances can be applied to them. 

This is where 

Big Data

comes into play, a fundamental aspect for digital transformation. 

Formation and motivation 

A fundamental aspect of the production process are the employees who are 
. When incorporating digitization into these processes, it will be paramount to give workers the ability to
 necessary for the handling of new technologies. 

The better trained the employees, the better and in less time will perform their tasks. 

In addition to having the necessary knowledge, it is also important for workers to be motivated.
. Motivation directly influences productivity. 

Some of the main
 sources of motivation
 are recognition and merit, so that the worker feels fulfilled. Other aspects that influencesThe most important factors in motivation are the fact of being in a good working environment and with good working conditionsor having set attainable goals. 

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