IFS or International Featured Standards are standards and certifications that aim to ensure food safety in all processes and stages of the production chain. guarantee food safety in all processes and stages of the production chain, as well as certifying that the food complies with current legislation.as well as certifying that the food complies with current legislation.

These standards were created with the aim of to bring together the requirements of quality assessment and food safety. due to the number of legal requirements that are encompassed in the food industry. This system was developed by the distributors in Germany, France and Italy, to ensure that the following are marketed quality products by those exporting to these countries. 

It is therefore a system that certifies the safety of both the food and of the production processesand can also serve as a quality quality guide in those companies that want or need to comply with these standards. Within these standards are regulations that regulate not only manufacturers of food products, but also logistics services, wholesalers or even manufacturers of household cleaning products. 

Types of IFS standards 

IFS Food 

The International Food Standard allows companies in the food industry to be audited, whether they process food or whether they process food or handle bulk packaging.. This standard is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is applicable to products that are processed or where there is a risk of contamination. 

IFS Global Markets

This program allows small or less developed companies to be able to comply to meet the specifications for food safety management and quality systems, in order to comply with the IFS certification certification in a given period of time. 


This standard seeks to audit safety and quality in manufacturers of personal care and household cleaning products. personal care and household cleaning products

IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry

The objective of this program is to optimize the auditing process for wholesalers and/or Cash and Carry markets regarding the handling of food products in bulk, unpacked or even the creation of their own products. 

IFS Logistics 

In this case, the regulations regulate the entire logistic activity as a whole, from loading or unloading to transport. Applies to all means of transport and it doesn’t matter if it is a food product or not. 

IFS Broker

The ISF Broker standard must be applied in companies with «commercial activity», i.e. companies that select their suppliers, buy goods or trade with goods by buying them and then selling them, without having to come into contact with the product.

IFS PACsecure 

This certification is based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and certifies the quality and safety and certifies the quality and safety of food packaging materials.

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In our company we have software development solutions to improve your company’s processes and provide the highest quality maximum quality while reducing costs. The
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  • Reduction to the maximum of human error in the processes to ensure the highest possible accuracy. 

With this software you will not only improve the efficiency of your industry, you will also save costs thanks to a better distribution of resources. In this solution you will find an ERP management platform, intercommunication with the automatons of the production chain and additional functionalities adapted to each company or industry, such as automated warehouse management or optimization of the operation of the company. 

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