Agricultural Software


At Cedesa we are experts in the development of agricultural management applications. agricultural management y crop management and we know the needs of the work and tasks demanded by an agricultural agricultural company. We faithfully believe in the precision farminga management strategy that makes any agricultural enterprise agricultural enterprise improve efficiency in the use of resources and cost control. cost control. Our solutions are not only focused on making farmers’ day-to-day lives easier, but also on making the agricultural workbut to offer total connectivity in places that are difficult to access, so that you can reach any point of a farm through our management softwarefrom anywhere. The absence of a network connection is not a problem, because, with our management programIn addition, it is possible to work in a local environment and synchronize the data automatically once the Internet connection is restored.


“At Cedesa we speak your language. You only have to tell us what you need, and our technicians will take care of giving technological support to your ideas. With your words and without any kind of commitment. We take care of the rest”.


    As examples of professional solutions for agricultural management we can highlight the AGROCONTROL platform, a cloud service that allows the comprehensive management of the field in terms of personnel, task assignment, cost controlcontrol of fertilizer application in order to prevent pests and diseases pests and diseases, crop managementvisualization of the work plots by means of a colour code that indicates the situation of each one of them, etc. 

    Our solutions comply with GlobalGAPcertification.


    The field notebookor farm notebook, is a mandatory document that must be updated with a record of phytosanitary treatments carried out.

    We can automatically generate a field notebook which collects all the data entered and collected in the farm management software. In it, in addition to the treatments carried out on the farm, we can find information related to the personnel and equipment used in these tasks, as well as identify the plots and their respective crops.


    The management software we offer is cloud-based, and has the possibility of enabling different user profiles specialized in certain areas to achieve a clear improvement in processes, optimization of available resources, and compliance with the requirements of the Administration. 

    We integrated a module that synchronizes the information of the Ministry of Agriculture related to the updates of the phytosanitary products allowed for its use, with the existing ones in stock in the farm. This provides us with warnings and alerts indicating the number of materials to be removed from storage, and to stop using them as soon as they are banned.


    To have a single information system capable of receiving data and executing all the processes necessary to carry out agricultural management. agricultural management of the farm is our goal, and we achieve this through an innovative graphic and visual system that allows you to check at a glance the status of the plantation in real time, review a system of alarms of the state of the farms, and keep up to date the inventory of production and phytosanitary elements. Within this section of the management programIn the management program, we have integrated the weather forecast by areas, to know the maximum, minimum and average temperatures, as well as the percentage of probability of precipitation, thanks to the consultation of data from the nearest AEMET weather station.

    Another feature that makes better software to the solution developed by Cedesa, is the monitoring, reception and processing of information from the control stations installed in sectors of the farm for the control during a stipulated time, to measure levels of pests and diseases and be able to take corrective solutions in time.


    Another example is our Greenhouse management software a precise solution for one of the most demanding farms in terms of the quality of the farming operations. agricultural work and the control of the actions carried out on each individual plant. In a farm of this type it is crucial to keep an exact control of the plants, their treatments, the products used (and their quantities) and the inventory of seeds.

    The key to this management software is in the connection of the operator with the management platform, thanks to the portable measuring devices integrated with the application in the modules corresponding to each task. In this way, the control is immediate and all the sensitive information is obtained in real time and at a minimum cost, without interfering in the daily work of the greenhouse operators.