Supply Chain Software


At Cedesa we have a flexible and very effective ERP software to improve the processes of a company. Our ERP system is in the cloud, so that data can be accessed from any device with prior authorization.

With it, we allow the management and optimization of tasks such as invoicing, warehouse, human resources, traceability or production, among others.

What is Supply Chain Management (SCM) software?

It is a tool that manages the entire supply chain (Supply Chain Management). It is a management software that allows you to execute and monitor supply chain transactions, manage supplier relationships and control the associated business processes. Within the production process of an industry, we can highlight 3 processes of vital importance:

  • Supply

During the raw materials supply phase, we will be able to generate and track purchase orders for materials and optimize the correct warehouse management, which will allow us to control the stock of materials at all times, configure warnings of raw material minimums, automate orders to suppliers, manage product inventory, etc.

  • Manufacturing

As manufacturers, the aim is to convert raw materials into finished products, ready for further distribution and sale.

  • Distribution

Once the product is finished, the distribution phase begins, to large supermarkets, retail outlets, factories and points of sale, for purchase by the consumer.

When is supply chain management (SCM) software necessary?

Within the objectives of any industry, will always be the search to improve the efficiency of its entire production process, in order to optimize its resources and see a positive impact on their profits.

In the era of new technologies in which e-commerce is making headway to compete directly with traditional commerce, having a supply chain management software will allow us not only to control the production phase, but also to manage the sale of products through a web portal. As a result, we will be able to manage customer service and use it as a tool to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

We can conclude that the sooner we have a management solution for the entire production process of our industry, it will help to integrate and streamline every detail of each process, optimize warehouse management, automate tasks, increase the efficiency of the production chain and reduce costs.
All of this will have a major impact on our business profits and performance.

Case Study

A group of companies, specialized in the commercialization of bottled water, came to us to face an important challenge: a supply contract for one of the largest retail companies in Spain.
In addition to the development of solid and robust software, it needed a study of its traditional working systems and advice on developing new methods of operation that would enable large-scale production and distribution. Being able to make the best decisions at each point in the production process is key to optimizing business resources. This would be the first step in its digital transformation.

They also needed to meet strict intercommunication requirements between their information systems and those of the retail company they were going to supply, which led, after several meetings with them, to the development of a supply chain management software that fit the needs of both parties like a glove.

Finally, Cedesa carried out a study on coding for product traceability based on food labelling and traceability legislation, which was the basis on which all the schemes of the programme were carried out. The final result, which was initially planned for a single company in the group, is in the process of being implemented in the rest of the group, once its solidity has been guaranteed after months of operating without incidents.
We are pleased to have achieved the creation of a robust platform, according to all the requirements in terms of auditing, quality and traceability of the product, of the largest retail company in the country. In addition to having updated a traditional company, turning it into a clear success of the Industry 4.0 model.


“At Cedesa we speak your language. You only have to tell us what you need, and our technicians will take care of giving technological support to your ideas. With your words and without any kind of commitment. We take care of the rest”.

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