Slaughterhouse Software


The management of a slaughterhouse is a complete process that is also subject to complex and very specific and rigorous regulations, regulations that are, logically, mandatory.

On the other hand, management begins long before the death of the animal, on the farm of origin. Our solutions cover the entire history of cattle prior to slaughter, and every stage of the production process, a process that has been modernized as part of the digital transformation of this important industry.


Thanks to the information that can be provided by a Tailor-made ERP for a livestock farmIn this way, it is possible to have individual tracking data for each animal, such as its location, its state of health, at what precise moment it has to pass to the processing phase and any other detail that needs to be known. The ERP software user can know very specific details of what is happening with their stock, how many animals they have, see statistics on the general health of the animals and whether any action needs to be taken.


Likewise, each animal can have its own individual documentation that helps keep census records up to date. For example, if one of the animals suffers an accident and dies, this event will be accounted for and duly recorded in the ERP system, as well as including a detailed description (optional, but recommended) of what has happened. Whether or not that same animal can be used for processing after accidental death will depend on a number of other variables that will be recorded in the database and will ultimately allow the farmer to maximize production or, in other words, reduce costs.


As for the slaughterhouse, it is imperative to ensure that production is free of human error. This is achieved by connecting each automaton and machine involved in the process with an ad hoc web application, tailored to the particular needs of the industry, which is able to automate certain error-prone tasks. These errors are costly in both time and money, so having an end-to-end solution that automates part of the process is critical.

Our solutions are designed to ensure the profitability of the industry, efficiency in each phase of work and comprehensive control of industrial processes, in addition to ensuring the implementation and compliance with current regulations, total control of costs and a detailed record of all information generated in each phase of the process.


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