Software for livestock associations


The livestock sector is currently in a complex situation. The current regulations and the administration requires a total control of everything that happens in a livestock farm, and it is necessary to keep up to date all the information generated in the activity in a reliable and error-free way.

Meeting these requirements is a major effort on the part of the livestock associations, as most farms still use traditional software systems for data collection which, although they work reasonably well, are outdated and prone to human error, as data recording is done in offices rather than on the farm.

In addition, we can not forget that livestock farms have as an ultimate goal the optimization of their resources to turn them into a profitable business, which again implies the need for software tools such as applications that help farmers in this process.


Cedesa Digital has developed a management software platform adapted to the needs of the different livestock associations, and that allows to overcome the technological barriers to which the sector is exposed with the simple use of a mobile application linked to a Web platform.

Different breeds and management systems

The information system developed, allows the personalized adaptation to the way of working of each Association.

Multitude of users

The platform is developed in a web environment in the cloud, which allows unlimited users and access from any device with internet.

Users with low technological level

Simple, intuitive and manageable platform, understandable for all users regardless of their level of technological adaptation.

Workplaces without internet access

The platform allows the user to use it without internet access thanks to Axonite.
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