Enterprise ERP


Business management and all its inherent processes can be complicated, tedious and even exhausting. At Cedesa we have developed ERP software with one goal in mind: to make things easy.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planningan “enterprise resource planning system”. They are management information systems that allow to integrate and manage production operations and distribution aspects in a company dedicated to the production of goods or services.

The business management and all its inherent processes can be complicated, tedious and even exhausting. At Cedesa we have developed a ERP software software with a single goal: to make things easy.

This is a ERP system that will allow you to manage orders, invoicing, customers, suppliers, production processes, human resourcesetc…, in an easy, intuitive way and adapted to the needs of your business. With the ease of access to the ERP in the cloudControl your company from any device and at the click of a button.

These ERP systems software that allow you to manage all aspects of your supply chain supply chain in a modular and centralized way in a single tool. All kinds of modules can be included: production, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipping, invoices and accounting. The main advantage of these systems lies in the overall increase in productivity of the company, livestock farm or food industry.

In addition, and if your company requires it, we can monitor and sensorize the process, so that you have a connected industry and know in real time what is happening. Thanks to the built-in graphs, reports and predictive systems you will be able to make strategic decisions strategic decisions quickly and effectively that will mark a turning point in your success.

Improve your business processes with systems ERP. You will have our technical team at your disposal during the whole process. We help your company to enter fully into the XXI Century.


“At Cedesa we speak your language. You only have to tell us what you need, and our technicians will take care of giving technological support to your ideas. With your words and without any kind of commitment. We take care of the rest”.

    Which companies need ERP?

    A enterprise resource planning system is the smart choice if you want to keep track of every activity in an organization, tax obligations or contracts with suppliers. It is the convenient, flexible and highly efficient solution to optimize your business process and carry all the management load in a company and maximize its performance.

    At CEDESA we specialise in the agri-food industry and we base our solutions on enterprise resource management systems and human resources to measure. In this way, whether it is a livestock or agricultural farm, a greenhouse or a slaughterhouse, we offer ERP solutions solutions, regardless of the type of company type of company.


    The benefits of opting for ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions can be seen immediately. It is an important investment for many types of companies which pay for themselves by increasing their productivity, and by contributing to the elimination of human error, which entails certain economic costs over the years. Some immediate benefits are:

    • The automation of processes in the company.
    • The availability of the company’s information on the same platform, accessible to all authorized users from any location.
    • The integration of the different databases on a single platform.
    • Significant savings in operating time and costs.
    • Information and data security.


    For example, the user of the ERP software software user can know very specific details of what is happening with their stock, how many animals they have, see statistics on the general health of the animals and whether decisions need to be made. decisions need to be madeaccess documentation for each animal, or validate administrative tasks.