Mobile App

Mobile applications are currently one of the best tools for a worker. There are dozens of proposals and examples, and Cedesa develop and maintain mobile applications of all types and in a wide variety of platforms (iOS, Android and Windows phone).

One of the main areas of work is the development of web applications that communicate with the platforms that are part of the solutions designed to facilitate the work of field work, or in factories.

Hybrid applications

Our products are native apps and, in most cases, hybrid applications that are a fundamental part of the most global solutions.

We develop mobile applications adapted to all devices and systems. The solutions we offer range from the creation of corporate websites to B2B or B2C applications. We going with our clients throughout the process, from planning and design to implementation and training to take advantage of the software.


We characterize the flexibility at the time of developing the applications taking advantage of the native technologies of the different devices to make the most of them, whether for iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Our cloud-based solutions for business management, tailored to the needs of each client and each project in particular, cover various fields, from accounting tools to applications that improve the management of people inside the company. All of them are designed to improve productivity at each point of the value chain.


On many occasions, behind a mobile application there is a lot of research work. This is the case, for example, of our applications that facilitate the creation of event agendas with a high number of participants. In this type of application it is necessary to make optimal pairings among the participants in order to maximize the efficiency of the meetings that will take place. Therefore, the biggest challenge and the crucial part in the development is in the algorithm of matching, or pairing, that makes them possible.

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