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Project Description

This has been one of the most important projects in which Cedesa has been immersed. The time and work invested in R + D + i within this line of research, is what has allowed us to position ourselves as one of the main suppliers of software for slaughterhouses in our region.

One of the largest exporters of Iberian in the region, we raised the problem they had in the slaughterhouse at the time, not only to identify the pieces that entered the line of profiling, but also to ensure the correct traceability in the break. To that was added the significant monetary losses that human error entailed.

  • Main problems

    • Identify the pieces that entered the line of profiling
    • Traceability in the quartering
    • Monetary losses due to human error

Our solution:

This project has combined the creation of a web application where the client can do the integral management of all their production process, communication automatically between the platform and the different automata involved in the production chain (weighing scales, mechanical arms, line of classification ...) and the automated real-time reading of identifiers to avoid human error. All this in a difficult technological access environment, which has also involved an additional effort to configure networks to ensure connectivity in real time.

With this platform, the client has not only substantially reduced the workforce involved in the process, but has also avoided human errors (reading and transcription of identifiers, duplications of weighing ...), and at the level of traceability, it has far exceeded the parameters established not only by administrations, but also those required by final consumers.

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