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Integration Software
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Project Description

A challenge that we like to face quite often, and that demonstrates our willingness to work as a team with other developers, is to integrate our custom software to work together with other applications in the market. Often, our customers ask us for this challenge, either because of their willingness to continue with packages they already know, or because of the need to integrate into other existing markets. These are some of the examples of what we have done so far in the field of integration:

  • Synchronization with Contaplus : Being the most used program by most companies, all our billing platforms are prepared to work in perfect harmony with the requirements of Contaplus to carry out the accounting entries. In an agile and completely reliable way.
  • Beings: This platform is used by the main retail companies in the country (Mercadona, Carrefour, Eroski ...) to manage their orders. It is an essential requirement to be able to work with these large surfaces so that your company's software can export the data with Beres in a fluid way. Cedesa, after the successful implementation of several clients to this system, we can guarantee the perfect integration of all our programs with this platform that is as efficient as it is demanding in its operation.
  • ASM and Gesruta: Also in the management of freight transport there are standardized programs that are used by most companies of a certain size. ASM and Gesruta. Being so widespread, they are required as a requirement to be able to work with the most important companies. At the moment, at the request of one of our biggest clients, we are working on the implementation of our software to work with these two programs. Very soon, we will be able to synchronize our programs to bring the traceability of transport loads in real time.
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