Project Description

Among one of the most avant-garde projects that we have tackled, is this: the application of Big Data to the sweet products manufacturing industry. It arose from the commitment we had with a client to optimize the operation of their company , taking advantage of the existence of systems based on custom software that CEDESA had already implemented.

Thus, we developed an algorithm incorporated into a new module that analyzed the data obtained by the program, which included units produced by each of the manufacturing machines, relating it to the different operators and the schedule of their days. In this way, in an easy way, the entrepreneur can discover weak points in his industry, both in machinery and personnel, and make the consequent changes.

According to the feedback received by the company, its application has optimized the production processes significantly, increasing the benefit directly by only applying the results data for decision-making assistance. Our objective in this point is the following: we are convinced that its application to larger companies will be so operative, that it can become an indispensable tool of them.

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