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Project Description

Taking advantage of the success achieved after presenting the advantages of the Project Australia , the Spanish Association of the Iberian Pig (Aceriber) commissioned us a similar program, but this time should manage the pig herd book . We gladly assume the task under the name of Project Greece , putting the value thus our own region specialized in the breeding of the Iberian pig.

Of the numerous benefits offered by the Project Australia software, Aceriber was especially interested in everything related to the pig traceability , which meant a new challenge that would reinforce both projects at the same time.

The objective was to establish a system that did not lose sight at any time of the actions that were carried out on pigs, as well as their ascenders, so that the purity of the breed and the quality of the meat could be controlled. In close collaboration with specialists in the sector, Cedesa has obtained software that guarantees 100% reliability of the Purity Certificates required for the export of products to European and international markets.

We have thus perfected the fulfillment of all the standards required by the mercantile legislation regarding the meat trade.

After the Greece Project, we can proudly say that we are the leading national software company for the management of livestock farms and animal products.

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