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Bottled water software
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Project Description

A group of companies, specializing in the marketing of bottled water, came to us to face an important challenge that had to address: a supply contract to one of the largest retail companies in Spain.

He needed, in addition to the development of solid and robust software, that a study of his traditional work systems be carried out, and he was advised to elaborate new methods of operation that would allow a large-scale production and distribution, this would be the first step inside your digital transformation. Precisaban además, cumplir unos estrictos requisitos de intercomunicación entre su sistemas de información y los de la empresa de retail a la que iban a suministrar, lo que desembocó, tras varias reuniones con éstos, en la elaboración de un software que se ajustaba como un guante a las necesidades de ambas partes.

Finally, Cedesa carried out a study on coding for product tracking based on the legislation regarding labeling and food traceability, which was the basis on which all the schemes of the program were made. The final result, which initially was projected for a single company of the group, is in the process of being implemented in the rest, once its solidity is guaranteed after months without incident.

We are pleased to have achieved the creation of a robust platform, according to all the requirements in terms of auditing, quality and traceability of the product, of the largest retail company in the country. In addition to having updated a traditional company, making it a clear success of the Industry 4.0 model.

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