Project Description

The AGROCONTROL platform was born with a clear and exciting idea: to simplify to the maximum the management of the agricultural exploitations, creating a comfortable, solid and intuitive software that allowed to do everything at the click of a mouse. For this we have worked in an innovative, graphic and visual system, which unifies a control of the farms that shows on cartography the status in real time of each plantation-, a system of alarms of the state of the farms, and an inventory on production and phytosanitary products.

As the main novelty compared to other existing software in the market, there is the possibility of drawing the company's farms on a 3D map, and identify their status through a system of colors. On the other hand, you can plan all the activity of the plantation through a very intuitive graphic interface. In addition to fulfilling the wish of any agricultural entrepreneur: the preparation of the Field Notebook, automatically, with just a push of a button in the program to meet all the requirements required by the Administration

AGROCONTROL is called to become the national standard in terms of programs of management of agricultural enterprises of a certain size.

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