Our Feed Meter software triumphs in Trujillo

Our Feed Meter software triumphs in Trujillo

At the beginning of this month of May, we received an invitation that made us especially excited for several reasons. It came from the Trujillo Business Association and they offered us to attend as speakers at one of their Gastronomic Conferences, which are being talked about so much in the business world.

We thought it was a perfect opportunity to visit one of the most historic towns in the region, as well as meeting with many important companies in the agricultural and livestock sector in Extremadura. These conferences were born with the aim of promoting cooperation between entrepreneurs in the city of Trujillo, in a relaxed atmosphere, and always revolving around the gastronomy and its business environment. An event that has reached, in the last year, a success and a prestige far superior to the initial expectations.

Thus, our CEO, Juan Jesús Merino, attended the meeting that took place on May 10th, infected with the spirit of the event, and convinced that Cedesa should be present in any gastronomic forum, always bearing in mind its condition as the main developer of agricultural and livestock software in the autonomous community of Extremadura.

It was also the perfect scenario to introduce in Trujillo our Feed Meter software, a modular solution that provides key information for real time monitoring of your production system. It provides information on nutritional behavior, daily consumption, weight gain, conversion efficiency, feed level in the hoppers, electric tension in the fences and water level in drinking troughs in supplementation systems in grazing and finishing pens. We were delighted to see that the program aroused great interest from the cattle producers , and we left the meeting with several interesting contacts, both on a personal and professional level.

After the presentation, and to finish the event as it deserved, the assistants went to one of the most important restaurants of Trujillo, El 7 de Sillerías, where an original blind tasting of meats premiun took place, where everything was bovine, and with the best of the possible qualities. A rewarding and undoubtedly unifying experience for the gastronomic sector of the region.

Cedesa, and its software Feed Meter, more and more integrated in the cattle and gastronomic engine of our country. Wherever the industry grows, we will try to be helping.

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