Perhaps our most delicate and human achievement, ManDown was a challenge that we were delighted to take on, because of the innumerable applications that the application would have when perfected. It was not easy to achieve the millimeter precision required by a system like this, but the result obtained has far exceeded our initial expectations.

Man-Down consists of software that, by making the most of the sensors installed on portable devices (watches, mobile phones, heart rate monitors, ...), is capable of detecting by means of the application of an own algorithm, when a body is shot down or falls to the ground at high speed, generating an alarm in a control center that is accompanied by the geolocation coordinates of the person on whom an alert or danger situation has been detected. It is an accurate software, which has proved its effectiveness in a percentage of success practically 100% thanks to a first phase of human intervention for the classification of hits or false alarms.


Once the objective has been completed, in addition to the satisfaction of the work done, we can only remain in expectation of the applications that can be made of our system, and of the many lives that can be saved with it.

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