Cedesa's participation in the Salamanca Livestock Fair

Cedesa's participation in the Salamanca Livestock Fair

Again on route, crossing the Castilian plateau, to go to SALAMAQ 2019; one of the most specialized livestock fairs in Spain, which took place in the city of Salamanca, from 5 to 9 September.

The event was presented with the premise of "bringing together the latest trends in the sector and offering farmers and ranchers in Salamanca and the whole of Spain the latest technology and the best advances to ensure that their farms grow and improve every day", and is developed in combination with the Agricultural Sector Fair and the 31st International Purebred Cattle Exhibition. Companies from all over Southern Europe met there, which was announced as the biggest SHOWCASE OF THE POTENTIALITIES OF THE SECTOR.

Thus, with CEDESA being at the forefront of traceability and purity conservation software for livestock breeds, our CEO, Suso Merino, attended the 8th of September, together with the National Association of Charolais Cattle Breeders, to participate as a speaker in the presentation of one of our most important projects: software for the complete management of livestock breeds.

With the satisfaction that produces us to be in the point of view of the biggest companies of the sector, we are working in team with all the associates around the Charolese Cattle, compiling experiences and giving form to each go that they propose us. For this, we have enabled a platform, to which all the members of the Patent leather association have access, and through which a constant flow of information is carried out between companies and CEDESA as developer. An innovative work system that is achieving a complete change of direction and image in the Association.

Our web department has created a completely renovated and modernized space on the web for them. More in line with the current times and with functionalities that it did not have before. This, added to the implementation of our breed management software, has placed the Asociación de Criadores de Ganado Charolés among the most advanced corporations in the sector at a technological level.

CEDESA has shared this methodology in SALAMAQ 2019, arousing great interest among the attendees; both in the way of working, as well as in possible adaptations of the software we are developing. It is becoming increasingly evident that the total optimization of an operation requires the computerization of the systems, in combination with traditional techniques.

We also took advantage of our presence at the event to put on the table our experience and commitment to the modernization of the livestock sector. Suso Merino presented to the audience all the projects we are working on at the moment, among which the following stand out The management of Aceriber (National Association of the Iberian Pig), Dehesa Extremadura, National Merino Association, Patina Association, Patina Association

Once again, as it usually happens in these events, we left there very satisfied, and with interesting contacts to continue working with. We are convinced that every step we take in the right direction is always a giant step.

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