ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, a "business resource planning system". They are managerial information systems that allow to integrate and manage production operations and aspects of distribution in a company dedicated to the production of goods or services.

These are software systems that allow managing all aspects of the value chain in a modular and centralized manner in a single tool. Modules of all types can be included: production, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipping, invoices and accounting. The main advantage of these systems is in the global increase of the productivity of the company, livestock exploitation or food industry.

Tailored ERP.

A customized ERP is the smart option if you want to keep a record of each of the activities in an organization, tax obligations or contracts with suppliers. It is the convenient, flexible and very effective solution to take the entire management load in a company and maximize its efficiency.

At CEDESA we specialize in the agri-food industry and base our solutions on customized business resource management systems. In this way, whether it is a livestock or agricultural operation, a greenhouse or a slaughterhouse, we offer an optimal solution for each case.

For example, the user of the ERP software can know very specific details of what is happening with their stocks, how many animals they have, see statistics of the general health status of the animals and if there is a need to take any action, access the documentation of each res, or validate administrative tasks.


  • Los beneficios de optar por una solución ERP a medida se pueden ver de inmediato. Es una inversión importante para una empresa que se amortiza por sí misma al aumentar la productividad de la empresa, y al contribuir a la eliminación de los errores humanos, que supone ciertos costes económicos a lo largo de los años. Algunos beneficios inmediatos son:
    • La automatización de procesos en la empresa.
    • La disponibilidad de la información de la empresa en una misma plataforma, accesible para todos los usuarios autorizados desde cualquier localización.
    • La integración de las distintas bases de datos en una sola plataforma.
    • Un importante ahorro de tiempo y costes de operación.
    • Seguridad de la información y los datos.
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