At Cedesa, we expand the boundaries.

At Cedesa, we expand the boundaries.

Our customers in Spain had been recommending our software for some time, in particular Feed Meter, a empresas de latinoamérica, y no tardó en activarse la maquinaria del sector para que Cedesa estableciera contactos más allá del Atlántico. Particularmente, en Argentina, uno de los núcleos internacionales más importantes en cuanto a mercado cárnico y explotaciones ganaderas.

We then carried out an exhaustive study on the working conditions in that country, and we immediately discovered that Feed Meter could solve there a series of problems that the livestock industry had always suffered; the large extensions and the lack of an adequate communication network . There was no doubt that our program was perfect for those latitudes.

We got to work, and organized a tight schedule of meetings through INTA Argentina, and our CEO, Juan Jesús Merino, left for Buenos Aires. We knew that Argentine professionals would appreciate our experience in the sector, and we were completely sure that our platform would speak for itself.

As on previous occasions, the intention of Cedesa was not only to offer our expertise to the companies there, but also to absorb any information that could help us improve our work. So each of the meetings was a pleasure, and a fluid exchange of ideas and proposals to advance the industry. We had the opportunity to meet with the most important associations in the country: ANGUS , CREA and APRESID , and with all of them we made our experience in the agro-livestock sector available to their companies (animal identification, animal traceability, farm monitoring, etc...)

We also explain the conclusions of our research on livestock farming in Argentina, and highlight our fronts of attack on the problem at several key points:

  • Accepting New Technologies as Present and Necessary

  • Improving animal health through better computerized process control

  • Save time on the constant journeys involved in large farms

All this can be corrected with the implementation of our platform Feed Meter. We found it interesting to discover new case studies that were proposed to us, and we were very proud to see that our software solved them all very easily.

Before returning to Spain, taking advantage of our visit, a business and professional meeting took place at INTA Cuenca del Salado, where positions were brought closer and good future projects were initiated. In addition, of course, to create friendships and affections, which transcend, and help, beyond the professional field.

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