Data Protection Day in Europe was held on 28 January, organised by the Spanish Data Protection Agency with the collaboration of the European Commission.
La Jornada is filledamó«Data protection and massive information processing«. In them, they analyzed in detail the impact on the privacy of citizens, caused by the use of technologies such as Big Data and the Internet of Things.
Experts and researchers participated in the conference, which focused on reflection, debate and analysis on the limits of these systems and the benefits they can bring with respect to the fundamental rights of individuals.

They stated that Big Data has positive aspects, but also negative ones, as it not only benefits society and makes it grow, but also ignores in many occasions the Fundamental Right of Data Protection.

José Luis Rodríguez Álvarez, director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency emphasised on several occasions the importance of this Law, which is binding in new technologies and the Internet.

The AEPD, indicated that some complex algorithms help interested companies to collect, process, cross, transmit and store data that everything we use, search and generate in our devices connected to the Internet, and all this without users being aware of all the uses to which their data are exposed.

The Director of the AEPD, stressed that «These issues must be addressed from an ongoing dialogue between engineers, developers and privacy experts, and between companies and control authorities, always bearing in mind that the right to decide on one’s own personal information is a fundamental right and, as such, is inalienable. In this area, not everything that is technologically possible is acceptable».

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