Cedesa at the forefront of livestock software in Spain and Latin America.

From Peru, on this occasion, a delegation composed of researchers, technical staff and alpaca producers travelled to Extremadura to explore the latest livestock software solutions on the market. She was accompanied by representatives of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), and by Andrés Domingo Montes, director of CENSYRA, who hosted a visit that included a meeting with the board of directors of Cedesa Digital in Badajoz.

It is no coincidence that they chose our region for their scientific expedition, as they were looking for the latest trends in traceability of meat, wool and fibre from livestock. Alpaca, in this case, which although it is not abundant in Extremadura, does have a similar use to sheep, an animal in which we are very specialised. They had heard about our breed purity software and the advances we have been involved in working with operational groups across the country. Also the latest technology and applications that we are implementing both in Spain and in other Latin American countries.

With this harmony that was foreseen from the beginning, last Wednesday, February 5th, Jesús Merino, our CEO, and María Castaño, Project Manager, met with the Peruvian delegation in a meeting in which our work, which they already knew, served as a letter of introduction. We were fascinated from the beginning by the alpaca, an animal we were practically unfamiliar with, and we immediately saw that its exploitation faces problems and casuistry that Cedesa’s software has already overcome with other livestock management: product traceability, process optimization and the achievement of better wool, meat and fibers through the preservation of the purity of the breed. In that sense, the alpaca ranching could take advantage of all that path that we have already traveled with our work.

They showed special interest in the Axonite system developed by Cedesa. As in other countries where we have implemented it, in Peru there are many rural areas with difficult or no internet coverage, which in principle prevented any modernization of livestock production systems. With Axonite, we have achieved offline operation and subsequent synchronization in coverage areas, a success that is proving to be the definitive solution to this problem.

In short, a friendly and promising meeting, with some great professionals from Peru with whom we know that we still have a long way to go together. And the alpaca, yes, as one of our new favourite animals to start working with.

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