We have already talked in other posts about the benefits and advantages of this kind of tools. For those who don’t already know, an ERP is a resource planning system. That is to say, a software or application that allows to manage the different internal operations that we can find in a company.

Anyone who has decided to take the plunge and implement ERP software in their business may have found themselves wondering which one to buy. And the strong point of the Internet is the amount of supply of products and services that we can find. But it is also his weak point.

Today we will try to help you make the decision by showing you and analyzing some of the best ERP solutions for SMEs. But if you want to know the requirements that must have an ERP I invite you to go through this post.


Sage 50Cloud

Sage has to its credit many programs oriented to the different managements that occur in a company. From accounting to payroll software. They also have an ERP program oriented mainly to small and medium-sized companies


Being a large group includes within the same application other functions such as accounting or bank reconciliation. In addition, it has several versions adjustable to the size of the company.


Although it is modular, the program is focused on commercial business management and accounting, and it should be noted that the most economical version has limitations of use. Some users prefer their contaplus program to this accounting software.  

Cloud management

It is an ERP that is done from a web application. That is to say, it is accessed through the domain and hosting that the client contracts. It is not a generic ERP system, but has variants that can be adapted to various industries. 


The strong point of this tool is that it has some versions adapted to certain sectors, such as  for example, construction.


With this web ERP format, after the second year, the client will have to pay an additional cost for hosting and maintenance. 


It is a versatile ERP that has basic functionalities transversal to all businesses. Although it also has the ability to adapt to each user. It also has additional functionalities related to invoicing or storage. 


It has the possibility of having a POS that is paid separately for those businesses that need it. 


Those companies that want to improve the features and characteristics of this system will have to pay for it on a monthly basis. Some examples are the POS module mentioned above or an accounting module.

Cedesa’s ERP, the solution adapted to your business

At Cedesa we seek to make life easier for the businessman, that’s why we have an adaptable ERP system for companies that facilitates the day-to-day work of any business, whatever the sector. Giving the necessary information and global vision to make the right decisions. 

In our company we opt for customization, because we understand that not all companies are the same and do not have the same needs. You will be able to choose the modules you want your ERP to have to meet your ultimate goal, whether it is to increase productivity or any other, you choose… 

It has functions adapted to the needs of the company. With our ERP you can manage all aspects of the supply chain, such as  orders, customers, invoicing, suppliers, human resources, warehouse management, operational processes and a long ETC. And if you are not convinced we can always study your case to offer you the best solution.

In addition, if you prefer, we can monitor and sensor the process, so you can know all the data of your connected industry in real time. Information is power! and it will certainly help you to improve the efficiency of your company. The ERP we offer is stored in the cloud for easy access from any device. 

ERP for SMEs


With large corporate tools, such as those mentioned above, communication becomes difficult. At Cedesa you won’t have that problem. We will be there for you at all times, we are your best allies to improve the efficiency of your company.

Contact us! we will solve all the doubts you have on this subject.

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